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I Love You

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Anonymous asked: What's the best thing about all the boys individually?


Harry: he’s just fucking nice to everyone and it’s amusing to watch how he can keep his temper underneath or actually he doesn’t really get a temper that easily to think about it

Zayn: you could spend days at his house just doing legit nothing and it’s still worthwhile

Niall: he’s so goddamn cheery like when someone says niall an image in my head pops up of a bobble head smiling Niall idk sorry

Louis: he can be SOOO witty like the whole room will be howling he’s just fun to talk to all the time

Liam: He’s stable. Like if you’re all over the place he’s just like stability personified like a rock hard statue sorry I’m tired these were strange explanations

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Anonymous asked: is it just me or did the zerrie engagement come out nowhere? I mean how do the boys feel about it?

The boys are really proud of Zayn, you can see it in their faces(: yeah it was kinda abrupt but Zayns just like that like he brews things in his mind in silence kinda and just comes out with it if that makes sense

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nattie99 asked: Harry said that he slept with two people... What do you think ? Who could it be ? I mean, he had his first " real " girlfriend in Holmes chapel, and she's one of them.. But I don't know who's the second person... Do you have any idea who could it be ? ( taylor isn't one of them, cause' it was a PR stunt.. )

Honestly I have no idea but if I had to GUESS I’d say Caroline idk is that how you spell her name I forgot I’m a bad person but yeah he had like major puppy love with her and she’s older so to be honest that’s my best guess but don’t take it to my grave

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Anonymous asked: What's something that would be considered a negative trait about each boy?

Zayn- he can get impatient/annoyed pretty easily.

Harry- I guess idk if its bad its probably considered good but he’s just nice to people who don’t deserve it.

Liam- I feel bad, he can get himself pretty stressed out over the small stuff sometimes and it hurts to see him do that to himself.

Niall- maybeeee like when you’re trying to sleep you can hear him talking and laughing from like a mile away and you’re like “NIALL. NIALL. SHHH. NIALL. SHUT UP.” But in the end everyone ends up joining him anyways.

Louis- probably just the fact that he gets himself into trouble constantly hahaha I love louis though.

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Anonymous asked: have you seen the movie?

Yeah! Awhile ago and I loved it, perfectly portrays them. Xx

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Anonymous asked: I really respect you and think you are actually such an awesome person

This means so much, thank you. Xx

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Anonymous asked: So the boys and Savannah are in town now (LA) are you guys going to hang out?? Looking forward to some pictures!! :D

Sorry I just logged in, yeah I hung out with them when they could while they were here and went to 2 of the concerts! It was so fun. I don’t know if Savannah did too but I’m sure she did. They made sure to get their priorities in with all their friends down here(: then again they’ll be back really soon haha